General structure of the conference

The CILG2016 is organising the following types of session:

1.- Papers

Papers presented at the CILG2016 will be grouped in the following sections:

S1. Phonetics and Phonology

S2. Morphology

S3. Syntax

S4. Lexicology

S5. Semantics

S6. Discourse and conversation analysis

S7. Pragmatics

S8. Dialectology and Sociolinguistics

S9. Cognitive linguistics

S10. Historical linguistics

S11. Applied linguistics

S12. Linguistic theory and Linguistic historiography

As far as possible, the papers included in each section will be grouped in blocks according to topic in order to create a favourable context for the presentation and the participation of those in attendance.

2.-  Presentation of thematic networks

The CILG2016 will offer the possibility of informing about national and international thematic networks formed by research teams whose scientific activity falls within the field of Linguistics.

3.-  Presentation of research projects

The CILG2016 will accept recent and consolidated group investigation projects which analyse questions concerning languages and language.

4.-  Presentation of research plans

In the CILG2016, those studying for doctorates in Linguistics and related specialities may present their research plans and thesis proposals in poster form.