Official announcement

The 12th International Conference on General Linguistics (CILG2016) will be held at the University of Alcalá from 23 – 25 May, 2016.

We hereby invite all scholars of language and languages to this periodical meeting, at which they may present any research projects that are being carried out, together with their results, attend plenary lectures, participate in round tables and, naturally, exchange experiences.

The invitation is also open to professionals of related disciplines, to anyone interested in the problems presented by language, and, above all, to students of Linguistics and different philologies.


Inmaculada Penadés Martínez

Ana M. Cestero Mancera

Ana M. Ruiz Martínez

Mª Eugênia Olímpio de Oliveira Silva


Organizing Committee of the 12th International Conference on General Linguistics